The Idea arose from the Desire to create for us an Environment in which you can live and at the same time feel like you are on Holiday …

A relaxing Accommodation in Keeping with the Place where You are accommodated …
With Spaces, Colors and Elements that make them unique and where You can stay …
and simply feel good.

This was the Vibe with which we designed our Home and then came the Decision to open ourselves up to Hospitality.

We thought it was right to share our dream with others,

With People like us who like to travel and discover the Charm of smaller Places and landscapes rich in History and Traditions, as well as our Territory.

A land to discover

Vicenza, a UNESCO World Heritage city. In a short Time you can reach the main tourist Destinations and the most important Art cities of Veneto Such as Venice, Verona, Padua, Treviso, Bassano, Marostica, visit the most beautiful Venetian Palladio villas or spend a Day at Lake Garda or the Mountain Group of the small Dolomites as well as the Plateau of Asiago.


Vicenza has an ancient Origin. In the Heart of the historic Centre, a fascinating Road leads to The discovery of its Roman Remains, a Sign of the City’s Importance since the last Centuries BC.

Nearby still so much History, Art and Food ...

The Art Cities of Veneto Are a truly fascinating Context, Treasure Chests that preserve an immense Treasure Trove of Culture, History and Traditions.


The magnificent city of Venice with its narrow streets and canals, awaits you ready, in every season, to welcome you in a unique atmosphere full of events such as art exhibitions, the Film Festival, music and theater